Expert Garage Door Panel Replacement in St. Louis

damaged_garage-door-panel-replacementGarage doors can be a brilliant addition to the overall appearance of your residence. Adding a garage door fitting your building’s architecture will certainly give your house a wonderful look. Also, a well-functioning garage door at your house or business is a nice convenience to have. Alternatively, when your garage door is old and worn out or when one of your panels is broken you have an eye sore on your hands. What’s more, a broken garage door panel not only looks bad, but it can also cause your garage door to stop working appropriately. So you want to fix a broken garage door panel but where to begin?

Cracks and Flaws in Garage Door Panels

Garage doors are usually treated harshly. More than a few drivers have hit the gas at the wrong moment and have given their garage door a “little” bump. And let’s not forget the kids playing catch who miss a pass and allow the ball to hit the garage door. The dents in those sheet metal panels tell the story of accidents. Occasionally the impacts are not so severe and there is no issue with functionality of the door except for a bit of an ugly look. In that case you can accept the dent and life goes on. Nevertheless, in other situations, some of these dents or cracks may affect how your door works. In these instances, you should call a professional garage door repair technician like the ones we have at Pro Garage Door St. Louis.

Damaged Panel Replacement

Damaged-garage-door-PanelsIn many cases, garage door panels can be repaired. By using additional struts you could possibly fortify the cracked part and give your garage door a little extra life. However, there are those times where the damaging force was simply too great and the garage door panel needs to be replaced. You may be able to replace only one panel if the make and model of your garage door is still supported with replacement parts. If you are not so lucky, you may have to replace the entire door.

Your Full Service Garage Door Panel Experts

We provide all forms of garage door service such as repair or changing an individual panel and fitting a totally new garage door, all at an affordable cost. We will visit your location the same day of your call, inspect the damage thoroughly, and provide restoration or replacement service promptly. Your beautiful, fully functional garage door will be in place soon enough. It is not wise to ignore a cracked or bent door panel. What may have begun as problem for one panel may spread into reduced functionality, reduced ability to protect the inside of the garage from the elements, and even reduced security for your home.

High quality Service Each time at Pro Garage Door St. Louis

Do not procrastinate when it comes to fixing your garage door panels. Get the issue resolved as early as you can, or you might wind up with even bigger garage door problems down the road. So give us a call today at (314) 269-0071 for great quality and service for defective panel repair and replacement. You may also contact us online.

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